"Creating Prosperity for Communities and Investors"

We are excited to announce the undertaking of a very special project. The Clean Gold Community Solutions is inspired by our experience in El Oro Province, Ecuador, introducing enterprise development and economic diversification to artisanal miners and their communities. We were then invited to work with miners in a northern region of Ecuador.

Clean Gold Community Solutions helps to solve a crucial problem. Artisanal miners are living below the poverty line even though they’re sitting on millions of dollars’ worth of gold.  Using the SEF Canada model created in consultation with the community, the miners are partners in Clean Gold, giving them greater financial security.  By aiding the education and technological growth, providing environmentally friendly systems, in these communities, especially in gold processing, could not be more relevant to our mission.

Clean Gold Community Solutions has pooled the best people for this project. World-renowned mining and community development experts have also been engaged. We have the management, talent and relationships to make Clean Gold successful. With our Entrepreneurial Program (ED), SEF Canada has earned a stellar reputation and proven track record for driving entrepreneurial development in over 300 communities worldwide.

We also want to assure you that Clean Gold is aligned with our overall mission: to assist communities in the development of sustainable economic futures. Staying focused, our other projects are still growing and producing exceptional results. We treasure your investments and are always endeavoring to develop our goals.

There is nothing we want more than for all involved in our projects to thrive successfully in a humane ecosystem. By uniting workforces around the globe while adhering strongly to ethical conduct, businesses will develop whose profits benefit communities at large. 

Here’s to a better world.

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